A Simple, Yet Strong Belief

Would you feed the dog you treat like family food you wouldn't feed your family? We wouldn't either. That's why BUPPY PETS™ bakes artisan dog treats with taste and health in mind. Our recipes contain ingredients you can see and are stamped with our promise: Four Ingredients. For Pets. For Good. Pets are given treats everyday and we should feel confident in what they eat without taking away the yum factor.  

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From Nickname to Brand Name

Our brand was born from the nickname, Buppy, that we gave our dog as she will always be our baby and puppy. Years ago, we also used baby food when making her treats due to the natural way the flavors were made. The nickname stuck and our recipes evolved. We were then on a mission to create healthy treats with wholesome ingredients. The rest is history and a whole lot of treat making.

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We Believe in What We Do

  • Our treats are naturally Gluten Free.
  • We Proudly Bake at Hope & Main in Rhode Island.
  • We use only the freshest ingredients.
  • We carefully choose herbs and spices for natural health and preservation qualities.
  • They're so good, we sneak a few ourselves!

We hope your dog enjoys these treats as much as our own BUPPY PETS do and we invite you to follow us on our journey to healthier, happier, and tastier treating.