From Nickname to Brand Name

Maui and Me.jpg


Like most of the pups we know, dogs have an official name along with dozen of nicknames, most having the sound of 'eeeee' at the end to give it that extra energy.  My dog's name is Maui, but her nickname became Buppy at an early age as she will always be my baby and my puppy.  As she grew into the cutest patootie, I became increasingly conscious about what I was feeding her, especially since I too was creating a healthy-eating lifestyle.  I found myself not able to pronounce half of the ingredients in her food and her treats, both of which were loaded with preservatives.  This wasn't acceptable.  I needed more options that were accessible and something I would feel comfortable eating myself.   I was then driven by a focus on giving Maui, and dogs everywhere, healthy foods with minimal ingredients, each being inspired by seasonal fruits and veggies, and most importantly, just plain doggone yummy. 

I passionately starting developing tasty recipes with only four ingredients that dogs would enjoy.  After months and months of research and LOTS of furry focus groups, I created sweet and savory recipes that satisfied almost every craving a dog would have.  Though my treats are meant for four-legged friends, I find myself and many of my friends and family, snacking on them as well, not because we can, but because they are delicious and host similar health benefits. 

There you have it.  The BUPPY PETS journey has just begun and I have already met so many people and communities who share in my dedication to the pets that run our lives.  I look forward to sharing what's next on our menu and new ways on how our brand continues its mission of tastier and healthier treating. 

~ Lauren Ruggiero