Let’s Be Honest…

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Dogs are experts at sneaking your snacks, especially the foods you love. As pet owners, we avoid sharing food because what we eat isn’t always good for them, and sometimes, not good for us either. That’s why we worked hard to create snacks you could enjoy together without the guilt. Each of our recipes contain only 4 ingredients and are inspired by human snacks that dogs go nuts for, but recrafted to make them healthy and wholesome with all the same delicious flavors.

We care about your pets as much as you do and we will continue to create even more recipes while keeping taste and optimum health in mind. Pets are treated every day. Let’s treat them well.

mindful treating

Find out why we believe in what we do and the passion behind BUPPY PETS.

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from nickname to brand name

How the love for our pup and a nickname that stuck created the brand that we love.

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